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Common Specifications
Wood Species Characteristics of common wood types
Exterior Trim HeartWood knife profiles
Interior Trim Includes chair rail, stool, and crown moulding
Decorative Trim Packages Fluted trim, blocks, keystone, and pediment elevations
Glazing HeartWood quality standards
Muntin and Glass Stops SDL, TDL and glass stop details
Panel Stops Panel details with stop profiles
Threshold and Frame Sill, frame, and weatherstripping profiles
Storm and Screen Options Fixed and insert sash combinations
General Product Specifications
Specifications Details
Entry Systems Exterior inswing and outswing entry units
French Doors Interior and exterior full-view double units
Lift Slide Units Sliding exterior doors and windows
Hung Window Single, double, or triple weight-and-chain and single or double concealed balance systems, with arched, curved-in-plane, transom, 2-1/4" sash, and roll-up screen options
Outswing Casement Monumental with roto operator, push bar, and roll-up screen options, curved top or transom; French, awning, and pivot designs
Inswing Casement Monumental or French with curved-top or transom options, with tilt-turn and hopper designs
Geometric Shapes Sash-in-frame and direct set fixed circle, Gothic, oval, Palladian, quadrifoil, and rectangular variations